Best weapons in Fortnite

Fortnite Best Weapons List For Victory

Fortnite is battling with PUBG for the “clash Royale” supremacy, till now when Epic legends take both by surprise and heat the supremacy battle. Till now Fortnite and PUBG were enjoying each other battle weapon, and both seem to settle for a similar weapon. But now when EPIC legends enter the scene, Fortnite has to change strategies to counter the EPIC legends on the slough.

Nevertheless, if you are Fortnite fan and want to excel in the game, then you need to choose the best weapon among all the weapon available in the Fortnite game. We have summaries many weapons which we think are the game changer for you in the time of battles.

Let starts our list with top 06 Fortnite weapons those can be bought with free V-Bucks and are the legend in their category.

Fortnite best weapons which can change the outcome of the battle

  1. Scar
  2. Heavy Sniper Rifle
  3. Shotgun
  4. Assault Rifle
  5. Rocket Launcher
  6. Bolt-action Sniper Rifle

Let’s check all those fascinating best weapons which are in our list for the top slot.

1. Scar

One of the most trusted and most sought-after weapons in Fortnite is a scar. If you are found scar in the loot crate, then do not look any other weapon, as this one is the lifesaver and will change any game with short range into your benefit. Scan churns out 90 damage per headshot and can take on any competition with machine gun or shotgun. You should always use scar for the mid-range battle or when the enemy is running for the safe zone. Use this weapon for all your mid to long range need if you don’t have any sniper rifle.

The recoil action of the scar is lesser than most of the assault rifle, and you can hit your enemy with more bullet at the same time. We recommend you all to look into this legendary gun for the battle royal.

2. Heavy Sniper Rifle

Sniper Rifle is used to take down an enemy which are very far away or who are hiding behind any obstruction or building. Sniper Rifle is used because they have higher speed with great accuracy and high damage capacity.

One of the best heavy sniper rifles in Fortnite is “heavy sniper rifle” which have great damage capacity with great accuracy.

If you prefer to use sniper rifle then always remember, sniper rifle need large time to reload, so use them wisely and use them when your enemy is very far away with you.

3. Shotgun

In the close range fight, you need machine gun or shotgun; we recommend you use “Tactical shotgun.” These can kill any enemy with ease when you shot them within range and on their head. The shotgun does not fire single bullets; it fires bullets which spread out as they get fired. The shotgun is the always best weapons for a close fight; you can kill with a single shot or 02 shot when using them properly.

One thing which you need to check for is the recoil time for the next bunch of bullets. So, if you are using Tactical shotgun, it did not use much time for recoil as other shotgun available in the Fortnite game.

4. Assault Rifle (burst)

One of the easiest weapons which you can find in the Fortnite is Burst Assault Rifle, which can take on any enemy which are moving very fast or if you are fighting them all in close range. Burst Assault Rifle is second to the only scar in the assault rifle category.

Take out any enemy in the mid-range when they are moving or jumping, use this powerpack weapon to take down your enemy with ease. It is a powerful weapon in its category and has good aiming with accuracy.

5. Rocket Launcher

One of the great damage quality weapons in Fortnite is Rocket launcher; there is no other weapon which can match the damage capability of a Rocket launcher. If you have a rocket launcher with you in the last safe zone, then you can be a winner in no time, as there will be less place to hide from the incoming rocket for your enemy.

One of the things which you should also remember is Rocket Launcher ammo is very difficult to find and reload speed of the weapon is also very slow, so use this weapon wisely and keep on shifting them with another weapon after firing.

6. Bolt-action Sniper Rifle

Bolt-action sniper rifle is the last in the category in the 06 best Fortnite weapons. As you all know the sniper rifle is used to take down an enemy with one shot if he is not equipped with headgear. If he has head protection, then you need to take at least two headshots to kill your enemy. With heavy damage capability and high accuracy bolt-action, the sniper rifle is the best choice when it comes to taking down the enemy at long-range.

Final words

So, these are the Fortnite best weapons which you can rely on when taking on the enemy and coming out of the battle as flying colors.

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