Fortnite Vs PUBG which is better?

Fortnite vs. PUBG – Which Is Better?

So, after the “Battle Royale” catch the fantasy of game loves in 2017, two games emerge as the sole contender for the first spot regarding concurrent players playing out the games in 2018, one is Fortnite and second was PUBG (Player Unknown’s Battle Grounds).

Almost all the players around the world jump into this bandwagon and keep scoring points in these two Epic games. So, who the best among is these two is the biggest question in 2019.

Emerging of New Players in “Battle Royale”

When PUBG first started the revolution in 2017 for Battle Royale style playground, it got more than 3 million concurrent players playing online. PUBG has started a new revolution in the game industry and all sudden many new games popup to cash the craze.

To counter the PUBG craze, Epic games bring out Fortnite which was loosely a carbon copy of PUBG. But during the initial run, Epic games found out that if you follow any games as the copy, you will never succeed.

Epic games have facelift Fortnite to bring that game away from the shadow of PUBG and hit the right cord and topple PUBG supremacy in the Battle Royale.

To add salt to the injury “Garena free fire” has 100,000,000+ or One Thousand Million, install from Google Play Store itself. Garena Free Fire is the beaten version of PUBG which has a unique feature; it runs on all old mobile phone where PUBG and Fortnite never run.

 So, in 2019 three game which you need to look for is

  1. Fortnite
  2. PUBG
  3. Garena Free Fire

Fortnite VS PUBG which one is better

No one in the world will give you a better idea, rather than yourself; It is better to play these two games and check yourself, as this game has own distinctive Style and gameplay. You can check our verdict on many parameters, but the final decision will be yours as both of the games revolve on different genera.

We have checked these two games on ten parameters, in which we have a check which game fair the most, all the 10 parameters which we have tested as given below.

  1. Players Count
  2. Platforms Supports
  3. Graphics
  4. Maps
  5. Gameplay
  6. Bots
  7. Weapons
  8. Game Items
  9. Performance
  10. Price

Players Count

If you look at the player’s Counts, then you will know that Fortnite is the clear winner over PUBG. PUBG has 3 million concurrent players battling it out online, and Fortnite has more than 10 Million Concurrent players.

What does Players Count means and why it matters?

We have decided to place this parameter for getting the actual figures of these games concurrent players playing simultaneously online. It matters because when you log in to play the game, you need players who can compete with you.

Both the game need more than 100 players in every match and match has 2min to 4 min wait time. So now you know that why players count is a matter to the parameters.

The game will auto-match with other players with the same rank when you choose to play a rank game or try to place you with the players who have the same rank as you so that you can survive the game and high-level players did not get an advantage over noob players.

In Players Count Fortnite stole the lead, our verdict winner: Fortnite.

Platforms Supports


It is available on PC, Xbox One, Smartphone with Sony PlayStation 4.


It is available on PC, Xbox one, Smartphone and from December 7, 2018, for Sony PlayStation 4.

Both the game is available on every platform, and you can play these games which every platform you choose, whether it is Smartphone or Gaming Console.

In our study, we found out that PUBG has a policy for placing or grouping all system users, which means if a player is playing PUBG in gaming console he will not pit against the mobile user and vice-versa.

So, depending on the players count on that platform you can expect your game time to join any match. For this very reason, you need more time joining any match. If your platform has millions of users playing simultaneous, you don’t need to wait for 4min to join any game.

In Platforms Supports PUBG and Fortnite come out to be Tie.


If I tell you that you cannot beat PUBG for Graphics, then it will not be an overrated statement. All the players who join PUBG game just got bowled by the realistic Graphics which PUBG platform present.

Fortnite Vs PUBG Graphics

On the other hand, Fortnite does provide good graphics, but these are of the cartoonish type which kids may like. All the graphics provided by Fortnite reminds of Disneyland fairytale plots where you have pumpkin looking houses and different color berries and what not.

But if you want to play any professional game which pumps of the realistic image and give you a vivid image of a real scenario, then you should opt for PUBG. As we have told you earlier, it is a matter of choice which game scenario you choose but, in our opinion, there is no doubt in our mind that PUBG graphics are the best in the class.

In Graphics PUBG stole the lead, our verdict winner: PUBG.


Both the game has many maps which you can check and roam around. PUBG has two maps, and they are quite bigger than Fortnite, and you will need a vehicle to travel to keep up with the safe zone.

Fortnite Vs PUBG Maps

PUBG maps are very big which also give ample time and space to gather weapon and ammo before you run for the safe zone. PUBG has maps name Evangel, Miramar, Sanhok and Vivendi.

On the other hand, Fortnite maps are quite short and have more fun to play and avoid the storm eye.

In Maps PUBG stole the lead, our verdict winner: PUBG


Both games start with 100 players and give players ample time to take weapons and ammo before safe zone or storm eye begin to show up.

PUBG Gameplay

Start with 100 players, jump from an airplane and get some weapon and ammo and start killing other players. The only thing which you should be looking about is to stay alive and stay in the safe zone in PUBG which is represented by a circle in the map present on your dashboard.

PUGB gameplay is very simple you need to jump, lay down, kneel or stand to kill competitors to stay alive till the end for chicken dinner. Landman standing will be crown a winner and will be presented with Chicken dinner.

Fortnite Gameplay

Start with 100 players with party bus tied with a balloon (wow), just jump from the party bus in the right time and open your parachute and get your ass landed in any place which has some fancy weapon and ammo.

Start taking woods, logs, stone, and weapon till you run for the safe zone which is created by storm eyes. What makes this game stand out from PUBG is, you can build structures and houses to protect yourself from other players.

In PUBG when the safe zone is small, you need to run to higher grounds or take shelter behind trees and stones to protect yourself, but in Fortnite you can make a structure which can help your ass hiding from the enemy.

In Platforms Supports PUBG and Fortnite come out to be Tie.


You will never want to play the game with Bots, but when you are new or novice and try to learn the reins of game, then it gives you pleasure to kill all those bots and claim chicken dinner.

But the introduction of bots ruins the game tempo, and you will not believe that PUBG has introduced BOTs to tackle the problem of lowering the waiting time of Joining any game.

On the other hand, Fortnite did not introduce any bots, and all the players are real flesh and blood, so you never have to bother about any player hitting you with one bullet and run for cover or stand like lol player, waiting to hit by you.

In BOTs elimination, Fortnite stole the lead, our verdict winner: Fortnite.


Both the games have big arsenals to kick any opponent ass, but if you check the weapons quality, they have some different ways out.

Fortnite Vs PUBG weapons

PUBG has got some realistic weapon which replica of the weapon is commonly used by Army, but on the other hand, Weapons used in Fortnite has some cartoon flavor in it. There are many weapon and bombs in Fortnite which are hilarious

Check the boogie bomb which makes players dances uncontrollably and hilariously.

In Weapon PUBG and Fortnite come out to be Tie.

Game Items

Seems like tie here also, because both the game has a wide range of game items including clothes, backpack, vehicle, emotes. But the biggest value for money is all these cosmetic items will not give you any bonus in the game, as you need to earn them when you jump from the party bus or Airplane.

In Game Items, PUBG and Fortnite come out to be Tie.


So, if you are looking for performance parameter, then we must tell you that both the game is mended for heavy usage on your CPU and processor, both are built on Unreal Engine 4. Now Unreal Engine 4 is time and tested warhorse for Epic games which has given some memorial game like Unreal Tournament.

Both the game is built to give a super and unique experience to players and both of them succeed in providing that experience. PUBG will give you a more realistic and vivid image whereas Fortnite will give you realistic cartoonist images.

Both games will drain your mobile battery within one hour, and you need to charge your Smartphone again to keep playing it.

If we compare Fortnite and PUBG for resource hogging, then Fortnite will come as the winner as it can be run with 3GB of RAM Smartphone, whereas You need at least 4GB of RAM.

In Performance PUBG and Fortnite come out to be Tie.


Fortnite is free to download and play in any of the modes you choose to use, whereas PUBG cost $30 on Steam and free for mobile apps. But there is a catch both of them make money by selling game characters and other game cosmetic items.

In Price, both of them come out to be Tie.

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