free fortnite battle royale skins xbox and ps4

Free Fortnite Skins Codes Xbox One, PS4

Are you looking for free Fortnite Skins which will make your enemy and friends hung out their face like wow?

Well, today we are going to reveal exactly how you will get free Fortnite Skins from oniken which will make your game character look like awesome and stand out from the rest of the crowd.

Good News for Sony PS4 Subscribers

You should know that Fortnite is game development for a gaming console and was available for all major Gaming Platform such as Xbox One, Xbox 360, Sony PlayStation such as PS4. You can play Fortnite by logging into any of these gaming consoles. Depending on the Subscription you are allowing to play online or offline.

There is Good News for Sony PlayStation Subscribers, as Sony has released exclusive Fortnite Skins which is only available for PS+ subscribers. If you have a Sony PlayStation Subscription, then you can go and retrieve them from PlayStation Store.

Free Fortnite skin Name Prodigy

Sony has released a New Fortnite Skin which is 80’s Style inspiration candidate whose name “Prodigy.” If you check out the new character, then you will love all the details which have been used to make that character.

He got black specs with a cool red color scarf with yellow polka dots on it. The character has a nice blue half jacket and grey battle rough pant with ankle protection and hand gloves. What is the fun part with the character is, the availability of the calculator on the backpack which will make you remember the 90’s, Scientific Calculator?

You will also get one to emote free with this character Skin. So, it is a steal without spending any dime on the Fortnite skin.

Here are the cosmetic items which you will receive when you choose this free Fortnite skin.

  • Full Male Character name “Prodigy.”
  • Backpack style as Calculator
  • One Free Emote

So, if you are an avid Fortnite gamer and play using PS4 then get this cool character in your Sony PlayStation Store and get it in your Game account.

Follow this video and check how you can get this cool Free Skin for your Character.

Final words

We all know how much difficult it is to get some of the cosmetic items for the game Fortnite. We all want to have those cool looking characters sets which gives us some advantage over our friends and enemy. But if you look at the price tags, it is very difficult to buy those character sets.

Getting Free Fortnite skin is one of the best helps you can get playing you’re the game. You can show these cool skins to all your friends and get some appreciation.

If you love playing Fortnite, then you should also love all the cool characters and skins which comes in the game. So, if you are still looking for some cool skins for Fortnite character then go to your PS+ subscription and get the coolest skin ever.

Unfortunately, this skin is not available for Xbox Gold membership subscribers. If you have an Xbox Subscription, then you need to wait to see, if Microsoft makes some cool Gifts for their gaming console.

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